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Interior design & decorating   .   colour palette selection for interior & exterior spaces   .   window furnishings   .   room flow & space usage   .   lighting selection & placement   .   furniture selection & reupholstering   .   custom cabinetry   .   wall coverings   .   room décor   .   cushions & rugs   .   artwork   .   accessories   .   new home interior design

Interior Design

When most people think of interior design, they picture a room that look’s amazing. But’s it so much more than just a pretty space.

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating your existing home, I can help you with the floor and space planning to make sure the rooms are going to flow and be functional. There’s nothing worse than altering a room and then realising you’ll have an ugly support beam smack bang in the middle of the room (I’ve seen this happen!).

I work alongside your builder or architect to make sure your new home and spaces are going to work for you. You want your home to be functional, and sometimes, the smallest things like light placement can make or break a room.

Window Furnishings

Windows are very much a feature of every room in your home! Whether it’s a full-length window, a half window or a sash window, why not transform it into a feature of the room?

I can help you select from a range of custom curtains, fabric blinds, roman blinds, roller blinds and plantation shutters. My Brisbane based Workroom produces the finest work! For Rollers and Outdoor Awnings I purchase directly from manufacturers based on the Sunshine Coast to ensure value and quality control from selection to installation of the product. 

Depending on the style of your room, the window furnishings can make a huge difference. If you’ve got a stunning view, you want sheer curtains that open fully to allow in the natural light and scenery. The sun rises early in Brissy! And if you like to sleep in, you’ll want good block-out curtains in your bedroom. There are so many options in terms of colours, fabrics and styles; I’ll help you decide what’s suitable for each room in your home.

Interior Decoration

Interior decorating is the fun part! It’s all about complementary colours, furniture rearranging (buying new pieces or reupholstering old ones), finding lighting and lamps to highlight room features, filling walls with artwork, decorating with ornaments and statement pieces, wallpapering and painting, and finding rugs and cushions to pull it all together.

 I see the decorating side like a jigsaw puzzle. It’s using your existing pieces (especially if you’ve got family favourites and heirlooms) and finding other items to make your room come to life.

 Everything has a place, and the decorating and styling side of your project is just as important as the physical room itself. Decorating pulls it all together, using colours to make rooms look brighter or bigger, using wallpaper and artwork to create feature walls, and finding statement pieces to complete the look. 

Colour schemes

Have you ever walked into a home and felt instantly at ease? Look around. You’ll see they’ve used colour schemes that are calming and create a tranquil space. Colours are known to affect our moods, so it makes sense that when you’re designing your home, that you choose colours that create the mood you’re looking for.

 Visit any local paint store, and you’ll see that there’s a huge range of colours available for you to choose – walls filled with tiny sample squares to give you a taste of the colour. You pick up sample after sample and try to see what matches well. After about 10 minutes you’ll probably think all the colours are blending into one!

 Working with you, I’ll help you choose a colour palette that works together, finding the hues that match and helping you to create the mood you’re looking for in your home.

New home planning and renovations

Building or renovating a home can be both exciting and confusing. The day you’re invited to the showroom to choose all the interior parts of your house you’ll be super keen. But then you start looking at all the selections and wonder what will look good together, what colours will match, what tapware will suit and so on.

I love working with clients to help them create internal spaces that match, flow and suit their personality. From wall and floor tiles, colour schemes, tapware and finishes on the cabinetry, having an experienced interior designer on your side will make this stage of your new home journey a little less stressful.

I also work with builders and clients who are renovating their homes, having transformed some lovely homes over the years from Queenslanders to Contemporary style homes. I help you with the renovation journey, from the planning and concept stage, through to the final room design and decorating.

Custom Cabinetry & Furniture

One of my favourite parts of design is installing Custom Design pieces into the home, tailored to suit each residence. Designed by Kim and Crafted by the Best Trades in Brisbane. Everything from Home offices, Walk In Robes (WIR), TV Units, Libraries, Furniture, Kitchens, Pantries and Bathrooms. You name it…. we can custom design it for you! 

How we begin your design


  1. Contact me via the website contact page. I will then get in touch with you for a general chat about the scope, aesthetic and function you’re after. 
  1. I’ll ask you to fill out my comprehensive online questionnaire so I can get the full picture of your design ideas before we meet.
  1. We’ll schedule an appointment where I’ll come to your home to meet you and your family (and pets if they share your home), see the spaces you’re wanting to alter and get a feel for how your home currently functions.
  • All of our projects begin with a 2 hour on site meeting. This is a ‘working session’ where you can pick my brain and I will provide as much info as possible in our time together. 
  • The initial meeting is $550 inc GST


  1. I’ll create a Project Proposal which includes the Scope of Works document and a Fee Proposal so we are both on the same page and so you can clearly see what I will do, and the costs involved.
  1. If you agree with the proposal, you’ll sign the Scope of Works Agreement and return it to me to commence the project.
  1. We get started bringing more joy to your home!

What to expect in terms of


From one room to a whole home… our costs are tailored to your project. Costs start at $1,000 per room.

Servicing Brisbane and the

Northern Suburbs

I currently service Brisbane (20KM radius) and the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane; however, I can travel for an additional fee.

Am I the interior designer for you?


You’re ready to let an experienced interior designer/decorator into your home to listen to your ideas and help you create your masterpiece


You’re either building a new home or renovating an older home and need a hand to pick all the internal components (and you want to get it right the first time)


You’re open to receiving new ideas and know this is a creative journey where ideas may alter once we’ve seen how things are working in your new spaces


You see the investment in hiring an interior designer/decorating as an investment in your future and improving the value of your home


You’ve seen my previous work, you loved what you saw, and you want to transform your old spaces into modern masterpieces too

Want to book your

initial consultation?

If you’re ready to book your initial consultation, please get in contact with me. We’ll arrange a suitable time to meet in your home so I can see your space, chat about your ideas and tailor a personalised quote based on your needs. 



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